How can I add profiles for my family members? - Mango Classic Interface

In order to add profiles for your family members, start by selecting your name or email in the upper right corner of the screen

An arrow points to the avatar button in the upper right

Click Edit Profile.

An arrow points to the Edit Profile icon with a gear above it in the upper right

Select My Family Profiles.

An arrow points to the My Family Profiles button near the center of the user interface

Click Create a new profile.

An arrow points to the Create a new profile card, which has a large plus sign in the center

Enter your family member's name, and create a unique username and password for them.  Then click Create this Profile.

In the Create a new profile box, an arrow points to the Create this profile button with all fields filled 

Now they can log in to Mango Languages with the username and password you set. Later if you select their name from the My Family Profiles page, you will be able to view their study progress.

The newly created profile is now depicted


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