How much does it cost to study with Mango Languages?

There are two main ways to upgrade your Mango profile and learn with Mango Languages:

  • Free

Many libraries, institutions, and corporate employers offer Mango for free to their patrons, participants or employers.  You can search to see if your local public library subscribes to Mango Languages HERE. If your library offers Mango you can link your Mango profile to the library there, or go to your library's website to register.

  • Personal Subscription

The personal subscription option offers you access to all of our languages and units for $19.99 USD charged monthly, or $199.99 USD charged annually. Subscriptions can be purchased HERE and include, at no extra cost, learning profiles for up to 5 family members.

Mango Languages is also accessible through certain K-12 schools, universities, and organizations. If this is the avenue you are seeking let our support team know the name and location of your institution and we can provide more detailed instructions for you. You can email us at or call us at 1-877-626-4611

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