How do I link my Mango profile to my library? (Browser)

If you would like to know if you are already linked to a library, click HERE.

In order to link your Mango profile to your library, you first need to create a Mango profile.  Click HERE to get started.  After you have created your profile, follow these steps:

1. In the upper right hand corner, hover over your name where it says Edit your profile.  In the box that appears, click Settings.

An arrow points to where the settings button is located

2. On the left hand side of the screen find and click on Organizations. Then click the button Link an Account.

An arrow points to the Organizations tab on the left

3. Now search for the library of which you are a patron. In order to search for your library, type in the Name of the library or your ZIP Code (US or Canada). In the example screen shot, we searched for Chicago Public Library by simply searching the word "Chicago".

An arrow points to the search box and the search results

4. Now, enter your library card number. (Some libraries also require a PIN number.  If you do not know your PIN number, please contact your library for assistance.) After you have entered your library card number correctly, click the Connect button. NOTE: If you see a button that says "Launch Authentication", in place of the Connect Button, click HERE to see how to finish linking your Mango profile to your library.

An arrow points to the library card number and another arrow points to the connect button

5. If you have entered your information correctly, you will see the message Your profile is now linked. Continue learning by clicking the Start Using Mango button.

A green circle with a checkmark and an orange button that says Start Using Mango

6. If you would like to see what library/organization your Mango profile is linked to, click the Organizations tab under Settings. NOTE: You can link to multiple organizations or remove an organization from this page.

An arrow points to the Organizations tab and another arrow points to the name of the library linked to

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