How do I link my Mango profile with a "Launch Authentication" button? (Browser)

If you would like to see how to arrive at the "Launch Authentication" button, click HERE and follow steps 1 through 4.  Then come back to this page.

If, upon attempting to link your Mango profile to your library, you see a button that says Launch Authentication, follow these steps:

The Launch Authentication button.

1. Click the Launch Authentication button. The page that you arrive at will vary from library to library. (We have used the St. Louis County Library as an example.) Enter the information the website asks for and click the Accept or Submit button. Typically this will include a combination of name/username, library card number, and/or a PIN number. NOTE: If you are unsure of your login credentials, please contact your library for assistance.

An arrow points to the input fields, another arrow points to the Submit button.

2. If you have entered your information correctly, you're linked!

3. Now that your Mango profile is linked to your library, you'll see that you have access to the lessons that were previously locked.

An arrow points to several lessons, highlighting that lessons, past lesson 3, are now unlocked.

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