What is my mobile pin?

When logging in to the Mango Languages app you see the following screen:

The Sign into your profile screen, where a user can input their Email, Username, or Mobile Pin.

Depending on how you are accessing Mango Languages, you may use either your email address, a username, or a mobile pin to sign in. You only need to enter one of those to access Mango Languages. 

Generating a Mobile Pin

If you'd like to generate a mobile pin, follow these instructions:

1. In a browser, log in to your Mango Languages profile, and enter the classic site.

2. In the bottom left hand corner, hover over and click on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store icon.

An arrow points to the Available on the App Store option located on the lower left of the screen.

3. In the box that appears, you'll see a username generated for you. This new username is your mobile pin. You can use this mobile pin to log into Mango Languages on a mobile device. NOTE: This does not replace your email address or previously created username as a log in method. It is simply an alternative to logging in through a mobile device.

Three options, 1. Download the App. 2. Launch the app. 3. Connect your Account.

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