Judging the Ultimate C.A.L.L. Competition

Who will judge the entries?

All submissions will be reviewed by Mango Languages’ team of expert linguists and language educators.

How will my entry be judged?

The panel is looking for original and inspirational lesson plans that outline a week of teaching and creatively use computer-assisted language learning for students of any grade between Kindergarten and 12th grade, studying any new language, at any skill level. Chances of winning a Prize depend on the number of entries, the quality of your entry, and how your entry is interpreted by the judges. The following criteria will be used to evaluate entries:


  • How creatively the lesson plan utilizes technology and C.A.L.L. resources, without mentioning specific products or brand names
  • How clearly the lesson plan lists the selection of materials

Learning objectives:

  • How the lesson plan identifies learning objectives
  • How it communicates what students will achieve by the end of the lesson

Description of instructional content/student activities:

  • How lessons activate prior knowledge
  • How concepts are modeled in the lesson
  • How the lessons use guided, collaborative, and independent practice of the lesson concepts

Assessment of student learning:

  • How the educator evaluates whether or not the students have met the lesson plan objectives
  • How assessment results drive future instruction

Do I have to use Mango Languages to win?

Only those educators representing institutions who are not currently, or have not, in the previous six (6) months, been a Mango Languages customer will be qualified to participate in this competition.

It is not necessary to implement Mango Languages into the lesson plan, however, we do provide a free trial for the duration of the contest and until the final winners are announced.

Do I get extra credit if I submit my entry in a different language?

Your submission must be made in English in order to qualify for the prizes.

Will I be competing against Mango Languages employees or affiliates?

No. Employees of Creative Empire, LLC, d/b/a Mango Languages, and any of their parent and affiliate companies as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings and children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible.

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