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Do you have access to Mango through Inspire? This brief article will help get you and your students into Mango.

To begin, first click the activation link in your email and set your password. Once you've activated your profile you will have access to Mango. 

Where do I find my students?

Your students are located in the Groups Tab, located at the top of the screen. To Learn more about the Groups tab, click HERE.

How do I assign my students a language?

If your student or students are studying the same language. Click on the Settings button on the Groups tab. From here you can change your group name and select the language your students will be studying. 

If your students are studying different languages, your students will select the language the first time they log into Mango with their username and password. 

All language selections can be changed at any time. 

How do my students log in?

Your students will log into Mango using our website or by going to the Inspire Charter Schools Mango link, accessible HERE. They can also log into Mango on a mobile device. You can find our apps HERE.

Can I add more students?

Please contact Inspire Charter Schools to add more students.

My question isn't answered here, help!

We're happy to help! Please contact us with any questions you have.

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