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You can access your profile settings in a computer browser by clicking on Edit Your Profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen, or by hovering over it, and then clicking on Settings.

On the left hand side there are different tabs depending on the type of access you have to Mango Languages:

General Tabs

Settings Icon

My Profile: When the My Profile tab is selected, you can change the name, email address, and password associated with your Mango Languages profile.

Link An Account Icon

Organizations: When the Organizations tab is selected, you can link your Mango Languages profile to an organization that offers Mango for free. Click on “Link an Account” to get started.

Activity Icon Activity: When the Activity tab is selected, you can view your activity in the Mango conversations courses. You can view your activity starting from a different date by changing the data range. To do so, click on the dates next to “Showing Data From”.
Add Family Profile Icon

Family Profiles:When the Family Profiles tab is selected, you can create additional profiles for family members (this is also where profiles are created for homeschool, K12, and University students). For more help, click HERE.

Log Out Icon

Sign Out:  By clicking the Sign Out tab you will sign out (log out) of your profile. After you sign out, you or another family member can log in to use Mango Languages.


Special Tabs

Subscription Icon Browser

Subscriptions: The subscriptions tab is only visible for profiles that have purchased a Mango Languages subscription or Mango profiles that have not yet been upgraded. When the Subscriptions tab is selected, you can see the pricing tier you purchased, manage your billing options (i.e. change your credit/payment method), or cancel your subscription. You will only be able to manage your subscription in your computer browser if the subscription was created via computer browser.


Groups Icon Browser

Groups: The Groups tab, accessed by clicking on “Edit your Profile”, is only available for instructors/teachers/professors or students of academic institutions which have a purchased Mango. It appears differently depending on the type of profile you have.


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