Student Creates Profile

If you are a K12 student creating a Mango profile yourself, follow these steps in order to do so:

STEP 1: Create Profile

STEP 2: Update Profile Info

STEP 3: Join Group

STEP 1: Create a Profile

Click on the link that your teachers/administrators provided to you. It should look something like this:

Click the "Sign Up" button:

Log in page for Mango

Enter your email address, card number, and create a password. For the card number, use the code communicated to you by your teachers/administrators:

 Profile creation page with all three fields filled out

Select your language course:

Available language courses listed vertically

STEP 2: Update Profile Info

Now, we need to update your profile information so that your teachers have an easier time locating you and your progress. To do this, hover over your email address/username in the upper right corner, and then click 'Your Profile":

Profile box displayed with cursor hovering over it

Enter your name and click "Save Changes":

All profile information displayed and name added

STEP 3: Join a Group

Now we need to join a group. Joining a group is like joining a class. This is how your teacher will check your progress and grade you accordingly. To join a group, click on "Groups" on the left hand side of your profile page:

Groups tab selected on the profile page

Enter the group code sent to you by your teacher/administrator, and click "Join Group":

With the group code field filled, the Joing Group button is featured in the lower center of the screen

You're all set to go! You can now log in to Mango Languages like a regular user by visiting or by downloading the mobile app and clicking "Log In". (NOTE: Quizzes located at the end of each chapter and unit) 


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