Mango Live - Syncing Your Moodle Calendar

If you are a Mango Live student, it can be very beneficial to sync your Moodle Calendar with the calendar you use everyday. Here, we will learn how to sync your Moodle Calendar with a Google Calendar and an Outlook Calendar.

1. Navigate to 

2. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Import or export calendars" (see screenshot):

An arrow pointing to the bottom left of the screen where you can export your Moodle calendar

3. Click on the "Export calendar" button (see screenshot):

An arrow pointing to the export calendar button

4. Select "All Events" and "Custom Range" and then click "Get calendar URL". After that click on the "Copy URL" button to the right of the URL (see screenshot):

Several arrows pointing to where you should click in order to finish the export process

Google CalendarNew OutlookOld Outlook

1. If you are using Google, you should navigate to your Google calendar and click on the + icon next to "Other Calendars" (see screenshot):

An arrow point to the plus icon in the Google calendar

2. Paste the URL you copied from Moodle into the space provided and then click "Add Calendar" (see screenshot):

Arrows pointing to where you can paste the Moodle calendar URL and a button you can press to finish the process

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