Review assists learners by presenting them with keywords and phrases that they’ve been exposed to in Mango Conversations over time, at specific intervals. The objective is to help learners memorize these keywords and phrases through the use of Mango’s spaced repetition algorithm. By inserting these review activities in between new learning opportunities, learners’ proficiency of a given language is strengthened over time.

Learners will be prompted for a daily review activity for only those words and phrases (referred to individually as cards) that are scheduled to be reviewed (card eligibility for daily review activity is based on a combination of predetermined time intervals and the outcomes of the learner’s previous interactions with a given card). This essentially automates the task of keeping up with the long-term review for the learner.

Note: Words will be added to Review the day after they have been studied in the conversations courses.

Review Settings Review Error Video Tutorial

Click on the Settings icon Settings Icon  located in the upper right corner of the review activity. You can adjust the volume and toggle the narrator on or off.

After the source language text appears, five icons will appear on the review card:

Understood Literal Toggle Icon

Understood/Literal Toggle: In the top left hand corner of each review card is a switch which toggles between the understood and literal translation of the word or phrase being learned.

Microphone Icon

Voice Comparison Icon: In the top right hand corner of each review card is an icon for the voice comparison feature. When accessed, it functions exactly as the voice comparison functions in the conversations courses. For more information about how to use this feature, click HERE.

Trophy Icon

Trophy Icon: In the lower left hand corner of each review card is the Trophy icon. Click the Trophy icon when you have memorized a card and you no longer need to review it.

Speaker Icon

Speaker Icon: In the lower right hand corner of each review card is the Speaker icon. Click the Speaker icon to play the review card from the beginning.

Memorization Tier Bar

Memorization Tier Icon: Centered at the bottom of the Review card is the Memorization Tier icon. This icon lets the learner know how far he/she has to go before a given word or phrase is memorized.


Image of the Review feature


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