NOTE: The Vocabulary feature is not yet available for all languages. Additionally, the Vocabulary content is not the same across all language courses.

Are you searching for a comprehensive course vocabulary list? Do you specifically want to focus on practicing the vocabulary from a particular chapter? Perhaps you're interested in practicing just the days of the week? Or maybe you'd like to compile a personalized vocabulary list for words you're learning outside of Mango? If any of these scenarios apply to you, the Vocabulary feature is the perfect tool to accomplish all of that!

Overview of Mango Vocabulary feature on desktop

Mango Vocabulary My Vocabulary

The main feature of Vocabulary is the "Mango Vocabulary" section. Here you can view/practice the "Course Vocabulary" or "Extended Vocabulary".

Course Vocabulary

With the "Course Vocabulary" you can do the following (content may differ per language course):

  • View and practice all the vocabulary presented in the entire course
  • View and practice all the vocabulary in a particular unit or chapter
  • View and practice supplemental vocabulary based on the content of a particular chapter.

Overview of Course Vocabulary for Chapter 1 of Spanish, Latin American

A look at a vocabulary list

Extended Vocabulary

With the "Extended Vocabulary" section, you can do the following (content may differ per language course):

  • View and practice numbers, days of the week, months, etc.
  • View and practice additional vocabulary found in media, like lyrics of a popular target language song

Overview of extended vocabulary

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