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The course settings are accessed by tapping on the gear icon while within a lesson.

There are five available course settings when using Mango Languages on an iOS device: Narrator, Narrator Subtitles, Night Mode, Auto Play, and Quiz Timer:

Narrator Icon

Narrator: The source language narrator can be turned on or off. All source language speech is turned off. This does not turn off any target language speech.

Closed Captions Icon

Closed Captions: When the Closed Captions are turned on all speech will be appear as subtitles at the bottom of the browser window, except for the grammar notes, which are already presented directly within the courses. The Closed Captions are turned off by default.

Night Mode Icon

Night Mode: When Night Mode is turned on, the screen will be black, rather than the default, white. Night Mode is turned off by default.

Quiz Timer Icon

Quiz Timer: For slides that ask "How do you say...?", the timer is meant to give you time to think of, then say your answer. Your voice is not recorded. Simply self-evaluate whether you answered correctly or not. When turned off, you will not be timed to give your answer.

Multiple Choice Icon

Multiple Choice: When toggled ON, Multiple Choice questions will be interspersed between the lesson slides. They can be toggled on or off as desired.

Interactive Quiz Slides Icon

Interactive Quiz Slides: When toggled ON, different types of interactive slides will be peppered throughout the lessons. These slides will not appear with Auto Play on.


Auto Play Icon

Auto Play: Auto play is a feature in our mobile apps that allows you to study hands-free. With auto play you can study while cooking, walking the dog, driving, or doing any other activity where you're unable to look at the screen. To exit auto play mode, tap the back arrow in the upper left corner. Note: You must stay on the Auto Play page to continue auto play mode. Auto Play will automatically stop once you return to the lesson page. 

Volume within the Mango iOS app can be adjusted by using the volume buttons on your iOS device.

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