Merge Profiles

You can merge several Mango profiles that use the same email address.

Merging profiles has many benefits:

  • A single set of login credentials. You won't need to remember multiple logins, just one.
  • All progress/activity/usage will be merged. For example, if you completed all of chapter 1 in one profile and you completed all of chapter 2 in another profile -- once merged, you'll see both chapter 1 and 2 are completed.
  • Once merged, your profile will have the highest level of access currently available to you. For example, if you had a profile in the past linked to a library, but that library no longer offers Mango, and you now pay for a subscription -- you'll be able to keep all the activity from your previous library profile while retaining the unlocked access that your subscription offers. Then, if your library resubscribes, you can just cancel your subscription and continue using Mango through the library (since your profile is already linked). 
  • You can keep any family profiles. If your current highest level of access allows for the creation of family profiles, those family profiles will not be affected. 

NOTE: Before merging, it's important to know that merging two profiles will delete any Review cards you have accumulated for either profile. You will then have an empty Review.

Here's how to merge profiles:

  1. Using the browser version of Mango, hover over your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on "Your Profile".
  3. Click the "Merge Profiles" button.

A screenshot showing the Merge Profiles button 

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