Creating a Profile/Getting Started

Follow these instructions when creating a Mango Languages profile in a computer browser:

1. Visit our homepage. In the upper right hand corner, click the Sign Up button.

Log In and Sign Up buttons side by side in the upper right hand corner of the Mango Languages homepage

2. Fill in the required information and click the Sign Up button.

Create Profile Page with two spaces to fill out, email address and password

3. Read the Data Consent form, then click "I Agree" if you would like to continue.

4. Select the language you would like to start learning. You can try as many languages as you want after you finish creating your profile.

Several icons reveal the different language courses available for selection

5. You have several options to access Mango Languages; free through a library or other organization, 9.99 USD per month (Single Language), 19.99 USD per month (All Languages), or "Try Free Lesson".

Note: If you click "Try Free Lesson", you will have access to the first lesson of most language courses and complete access to our endangered language courses. You can unlock more access later through any of the 3 previously mentioned options by clicking "Subscribe for more!".

The free option and different pricing tiers are featured horizontally across the page

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