Subscription Types

Single Language

With the Single Language Subscription, you will have access to the complete language package that you selected and all free language courses for a single learning profile.

All Languages

With the All Languages Subscription, you will have complete access to all Mango Languages courses and up to 5 additional user profiles to share your subscription with your family.

Changing Subscription Types

If you would like to upgrade your profile from a Single Language Subscription to an All Languages Subscription you will be immediately upgraded and receive a refund of the prorated amount of their original subscription.  

And if you choose to downgrade your profile from an All Language Subscription to a Single Languages Subscription the All Languages Subscription will continue until the next renewal date. At this point, your subscription will renew at the lower price and you will only have access to the language package you selected (as well as our free language courses). Any additional user profiles created will be locked.

Browser Mobile

To Manage your subscription in a browser, you will have had to initially subscribe via a browser. If this is the case, CLICK HERE and then click the text indicated in the below screenshots:

Upgrade Subscription by clicking on Switch to All Languages Subscription

Downgrade Subscription by clicking on Switch to Single Language Subscription

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