In order to track your progress, you’ll need to be logged in with your Mango profile. Once logged in, your study information is automatically recorded. There’s no need to save! Just close Mango when you’re done learning, and it will remember exactly where you left off the next time you open a course.

In order to see the the overall time spent and the number of lessons you’ve completed, hover over Your Name: Edit Your Profile in the upper right corner of the screen.

A box highlights the usage located in the box that appears when you hover over Edit Your Profile

For more detailed information, please visit the My Activity page.

If you don’t see your most recent usage right away, don’t worry! Your information should appear about an hour after you’ve closed the course. Keep in mind, Mango Languages only records active study time. This is the time that a user is actively using Mango Languages, by going from slide to slide and progressing through a lesson. If Mango Languages is left open on one slide in particular for more than a minute or so, it will time out, and stop recording usage.

Additionally, Mango Languages will record the entire time you are using the Auto Play feature in the mobile app. Make sure your mobile device has a high speed to internet connection in order for your progress to be recorded and synced across device. To learn more about syncing progress, click HERE.

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