Visually Impaired Users

  • For blind and vision impaired users, our web platform and mobile platforms are designed to work with screen readers. For example, the iOS app works in conjunction with Apple's VoiceOver feature. Our support team has spoken with and assisted several users who are blind and use Mango successfully.
  • For those who are vision impaired, the colors and fonts of text in our program meet accessibility standards so they can be easily read.

Hearing Impaired Users

  • Our mobile and web platforms include the "Closed Captions" toggle in the settings menu so that hearing impaired or deaf users can read what the narrator says that isn't included on the screen.

Is Mango Languages ADA Compliant?

  • Mango has evolved its learning platform to be highly considerate of ADA compliance in its visual design (e.g., colors and font sizes), so that the product interface is ready to adapt to the compliant technical functionalities.

When will Mango Languages be ADA Compliant?

  • The goal is to achieve industry standard at ADA compliance in 2019 once our software has been officially audited and certified by a trusted compliance firm.
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