Course Guides (K12 Teachers)

NOTE: Course Guides are only available to teachers employed at a subscribing academic organization

What are Course Guides?

Mango Course Guides are a complete overview of all the content taught in each language course. The Course Guides are in PDF form and they include the following:

  • A complete layout of each chapter and how they fit together within the entire language course
  • Conversational and grammar goals in each chapter
  • All vocabulary and phrases taught in each individual chapter
  • A guide to the Listening and Reading activities included in each chapter

Why are Course Guides useful?

As a teacher, you will want to know what is contained in the Mango course. Instead of going through the entire Mango course each lesson or activity at a time, the Course Guides allow you to easily see the course in its entirety. And since the Course Guides are PDFs, they are easily searchable for a word or phrase. 

Where are Course Guides found?

The Course Guides can be found when you log in to Make sure you have navigated to the "Groups" tab. Then, click on "Course Guides". 

You can download a Course Guide by clicking on the language that corresponds to the Course Guide you are looking for. It will be downloaded into your computer's designated "Downloads" folder.

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