101 Best Practices (K12 Teachers)

NOTE: 101 Best Practices are only available to teachers employed at a subscribing academic organization

What are the 101 Best Practices?

Mango 101 Best Practices Guides are 101 lesson plans that be be used by a teacher in addition to the core Mango program. The 101 Best Practices are in PDF form and they include the following kinds of lessons:

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Social/emotional learning
  • Small and whole group instruction
  • Classroom discussion strategies
  • Review games
  • Project and problem-based learning

Scrolling through the 101 Best Practices.gif

Why are the 101 Best Practices useful?

Most teachers are often overwhelmed with having to develop and create lesson plans in addition to the curriculum they are provided. The 101 Best Practices allow a teacher to have everything they need to effectively engage the students in the language classroom. These best practices eliminate the need for the teacher to prepare additional activities and lesson plans.

Where are the 101 Best Practices found?

The 101 Best Practices are available when a school purchases Mango and are provided by the Mango Account Manager.

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