Lessons (K12 Teachers)

Lessons are the primary learning modules in Mango Classroom. Lessons are self paced, and can be assigned. Lessons take about 10-15 minutes to complete in roman script languages, and 20-25 minutes in non-roman script languages.

Our 10 most popular courses include 5 proficiency based Units, each with a number of thematic Chapters, and each chapter with a large number of lessons and activities.

You can view the specifics of what is included with each course when you click HERE

All the lessons in Unit 1 Chapter 1 of the Latin American Spanish course

Mango makes use of a conversational methodology. Students are presented with a full conversation in the target language, then, we break it down and build it back up piece by piece while focusing on specific conversational and grammar goals for the chapter. You can see the goals for each thematic chapter through the blue button in the upper right corner of each chapter.

Additionally, the words are color coded (semantic color-mapping). This allows the learner to see which words in the source language correspond to the same words in the target language.

The conversation presented at the beginning of Unit 1 chapter 1 in the latin american spanish course

an example of a slide

an example of phonetic pop ups

Grammar and cultural notes are purposefully placed at crucial moments in lessons:

  • Grammar Notes explain in plain language why grammar is the way it is in the target language.
  • Culture Notes teach the learner about cultural aspects of the language group(s) who speak the target language and the country(s) they live in.

An exmaple of a grammar note

An example of a culture note

To learn more about Mango Classroom’s methodology, please watch this video:

IMPORTANT: The content of the lessons is different for many of our courses. Course Guides provide an outline of the key grammar, vocabulary, and culture information taught to streamline your lesson planning.

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