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For slides that ask "How do you say...?", the timer is meant to give you time to think of, then say your answer. Your voice is not recorded. Simply self-evaluate whether you answered correctly or not.

If you need more time to answer, click/tap the pause icon to pause the timer. In order to toggle the timer on or off, click/tap the gear icon in the upper right hand corner, then click/tap the toggle next to where it says Quiz Timer.

Timer Icon



Microphone Icon

Voice Comparison Button: Press the Voice Comparison button to launch the Voice Comparison feature within the same slide. To learn how to use the Voice Comparison feature, click HERE.

Speaker Icon

Speaker Button: The Speaker button plays the entire phrase being learned. When hovering over the Speaker button, a phonetic pop-up will appear for the entire phrase.

Replay Icon

Replay Button: The Reply button restarts the slide from the very beginning.


Phonetic Pop-Ups / Slower Pronunciation

By hovering your cursor over any given word (or tapping on it in the mobile app) in the target language, you will be presented with a phonetic pop-up for that particular word. The phonetic pop-ups provide the user with the pronunciation of the target language word written in the source language alphabet or character set. By clicking or tapping the word, you will hear a slower pronunciation of that particular word. 

Phonetic Pop Up Example


  • Navigate Between Slides: When using Mango Languages in a browser, you can navigate between slides three different ways:
  • Back and Next Buttons: Click/tap on the Back button to go to the previous slide. Click/tap on the Next button to advance to the next slide.Back and Next Buttons on Mobile
  • Slider Bar: You can click/tap to drag the slider bar on the top of the screen to quickly navigate between slides. This is best used when trying to find a slide with a specific word or phrase you are looking for.


Slider Bar with Pop up Example


Keyboard Arrows (browser only): You can press the left and right arrows on your keyboard to navigate between slides.


To exit a lesson and return to your learning pathway, click/tap “X” in the upper left hand corner.

  X to Exit icon
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